Yeşil Hoca


When information is aggregated about this lord, they consulted to me. I am proud of this. The most difficult task required of me to ask sea dripping…

These Lords born in the horizon of meaning, illuminating the realms of mind and sinking on the horizon of meaning knowing and telling is their own ability. Our information which is about our lord is until our own fate.  Our ancestors said ‘’ Moneychanger knows gold’s value, people know human’s value.’’ After that, our explaining is like dried peel of fruits eaten.

In the beginning of Fuyuzat whose Hz.Muhammed Şemseddin Yeşil , the writing of ‘’ Human and Quran’’ is enough for people who want to know him.

Mrs. Hanife, his mother, tells about his born with these sentences;

‘’During my pregnancy, the Lord, wearing white clothes, always controlled me. When I turned off my head, I always saw white part of his clothes.

My son was born in 10 Muharram 1322 AH. Next days, when I go to him, I saw his cradle swings. However I was alone at home. Someday, when I was eating some food with my husband, one lord appeared in front of our room’s door. I knew him through his clothes.  My husband and I shocked. He walked to cradle, and he looked a long time to our son’s face. After that, he went. My husband said that he was Hz.Abdulkadir Geylani.’’

I heard this story from blessed lady who is Hz.Muhammed Şemseddin Yeşil’s mother.

Someday, I was in his bookstore where is in Second Hand Book Bazaar Beyazit. He extracted a brunette and waxy paper, and opened it on the table. It was a genealogy. He showed his ancestor’s names until Hz.Abdulkadir Geylani with his blessed finger.

On the times of Sultan Second Murad, his ancestors who come from East lie in the Ümmü Kemal Dervish Lodge. The name of Ümmü Kemal which has meaning of ‘’ mature mother or mature person’’ was given by public to him. While Yavuz Sultan Selim went to war, he stops in this area. He heard Hz.Ümmü Kemal’s fame and invited him to speech and to respect. He couldn’t eliminate his wonder,and he decided to do exam for Hz.Ümmü Kemal. According to rumor, he and his teacher did agreement secretly at night, and he published that his teacher died. After that, he called Hz.Ümmü Kemal to do funeral. Suddenly, Hz.Ümmü Kemal turned back and he said ‘’ Sultan, will we intend for died person or alive person?’’. Sultan shocked and he said that of course, they would intend for died person. When funeral finished, they opened coffin and they saw that teacher died. Thus, Hz.Ümmü Kemal gave lesson which nobody should joke to friends of God.

Here Hz.Muhammed Şemseddin Yeşil told people about Hz.Muhammed(s.a.v)’s speech without holiday and excuse during a half age. He told perfectly Quran. He encountered many obstacles in this way. Although he had got diabetes and heart disease,   he continued to do his mission. His doctors said that he never continued to do his mission, but he did. He said ‘’ I understand you. You think that a patient who is like me can never do these even, can’t awake up from bed, but I know my responsibilities. Therefore, I prefer to live one hour telling about God and rights instead of living along many years without telling about God and rights.’’ to determine his coming purpose.

The same doctors thought that staying at hospital would be better, so he didn’t want to offend them and he went to hospital.

He was imam when he was 13 years old. Through duties of imam, he lightened human being. He started to published ‘Hakikat Yolu’ in 20 February 1947 and ‘Islamiyet newspaper’ in 22 March 1948. He wrote work more than a hundred. He was born in 1322 AH and he lived 63 years like Hz.Muhammed(s.a.v.), and he went away from this world in 12 Rebiü'l-âhır 1389 AH (8 July 1968). His shrine is near the Hz.Seyyid Nizam’s shrine in Silivrikapı,İstanbul.


Hz.Hüseyin Efendi who is his blessed father was imam at Hatuniye Mosque where is near the Agahamam area. When his father passed away, he was 12 years old, and Emine Makbule Nüzhet who is his sister was 7 years old. After his father passed away his mother, his sister and he were alone.

In these times when coincide War of Independence, our nation was too poor. While his father was sick, he sold cones in exchange for a slice of bread to soldiers’ children. Through this trade, he was getting a bag bread to home. When his father passed away, he had enough money to buy a house. When he was approximately 8 or 10 years old, he undertook his family’s responsibilities like all people’s spiritual responsibilities. After his father passed away, he was imam for Hatuniye Mosque. Blessed his sister Mrs. Nüzhet tells about this mosque’s history with these sentences; ‘’ In Agahamam of Samatya of Istanbul, a woman who like to earn mitzvah want to be partner for the mosque which is done by a lord who is member of palace. When that lord said ‘’ Please take back your request, I don’t want to be partner with nobody for mosque’s mitzvah from which I did.’’, the woman says ‘’ I will my request, if you make a new mosque for me.’’. In that night the woman sees a dream. In dream, someone ask to her why she wants that somebody else make a mosque. He says that she has got a buried treasure in her garden, and takes it to make a mosque. Here this mosque is made by that woman and the name of Hatuniye Mosque is given to it. Her grave was in this mosgue’s garden, but this mosque is broken down by people who don’t know value. Before the mosque is broken down, Hz.Hüseyin who is Hz.Muhammed Şemseddin Yeşil’s father is warned to didn’t go to mosque in that day.

After Hz.Muhammed Şemseddin Yeşil’s father passed away, some preceptors who were approximately 70 or 80 years old questioned whether he could be imam as he was 13 years old. They decided that if he had a ability of religious, he could. After he moved up to lectern, he did it during a half age.

According to Ottoman’s traditions, when a child was 4 ages and 4 months, the child should start to learn Quran with ceremonial of Besmele. After The Quran is finished in 5 years old by him, he finished primary and secondary school in Kocamustafapaşa and Davutpaşa. After that, he finished colleges of Theology, Architecture and Islamic Law.

He always encountered obstacles, but he never gave up doing this blessed mission.

While his speech resurrected died hearts, his pen’s light created unique works. In world, if all people and all works disappear and life start again on the world, his works are enough to live Hz.Muhammed(s.a.v.)’s age. Some people asked me ‘Has he got any miracle?’ and I said that himself is a miracle. I have heard a story about the fame woman, veliyye Rabiatü’l-Adeviyye. Someday, Hz.Hasan-I Basri spreads his rug to river and sits on it in time when nobody is there. When Hz.Rabia sees him, she spreads her own scarf and sits on it. They go to across together on the river. After that, Hz.Rabia says ‘Hasan, Was it important? When you were going to across, fish was faster than you and it laughed you and a fly was faster than me and laughed me. If you want to show miracle, show your production. How many people did you do Muslim?’ .

After this story is heard from Hz.Muhammed Şemseddin Yeşil, and know how many people he did Muslim, what can be something else asked? For example, his works, Hz. Muhammed Aleyhissalâtü Vesselâm, is enough to solve all problems in world of Islam. In meaning of the public understands, I saw his miracle, but he didn’t like to show his miracles unless necessary. Therefore, I avoided telling them. He always answered to his enemies. After his certificate is taken by his enemies, he continued his mission in Yüksek Ahlah Association. Nowadays, his conferences are listened through tape recorder in Yüksek Ahlak Association. He sometimes read poetry;

   “ Suhanver’in eseri bir hayât-ı sânîdir.

     Giderse dâr-ı Fenâ’dan yine sadâsı gelir.”

He was a perfect merchant. He was a rich lord like his ancestor, Hz.Abdulkadir Geylani, and he never accepted money for his mission.

He looked like his ancestor, Hz Muhammed(s.a.v.), and he had a similar soul that of Hz. Muhammed(s.a.v.). Some people who know them, they accepted it without doubt.

A poet,Mr. Mehmet Raif, tells perfectly in his poetry;


“Çok mudur takdîskârın olsa her zerrem senin

Sîretindir Sîret-i Peygamber-i Ahirzamân.”

Hz.Muhammed Şemseddin Yeşil is Burhanullah…


He was never member of any political party. In 1946, he is nominated with Nuri Demirdağ’s insistences in 1950 elections from Party of Milli Kalkınma, but his purpose was just telling rights albeit with a few sentence on the radio. When he prayed for a few mawlid especially read to the martyrs of Kore can’t be forgotten by people who listened to them.

He had always said that our governments should know history especially Turkish history. He so liked deceased Adnan Menderes in order to Adnan Menderes said that Turkey is a Muslim country and it never will change. When Adnan Menderes died, he was too sad. In the Islamiyet newspaper in the number of 151, he wrote important things with Adnan Menderes title.

            He had always followed hostility against to Islam. As soon as he realized any hostility, he countered to them. For instance, Yakovas was writing against to Islam and Fatih Sultan Mehmet in his work called ‘Nurlu Ufuklara’. He answered to Yakovas in his work called ‘Metropolid’e Cevap’. Someday, Yorgo cilingiroglu who is the major merchant in Istanbul came to him and said ‘’ sir, as you know I respect you; therefore, Christianity sent me to speak with you about his works called ‘Papaza Cevap’. We request to quit it because our children abandon their religious due to your works.’’

            Hz.Muhammed Şemseddin Yeşil said to Yorgo ‘Mr.Çilingiroğlu, if your request was just for me, I would have immediately accepted it. On the other hand, this is God’s and God’s prophet’s case; therefore, I can’t do it. ’ . In the same day, after Çilingiroğlu listened to his conference, he exited crying and commended to Hz.Muhammed Şemseddin Yeşil.

            In 1951, Ahmet Emin Yalman said that newspaper of Islamiyet spreads poison in his article in newspaper of Vatan. Hz.Muhammed Şemseddin Yeşil answered to Ahmet Emin Yalman with his article which he published in April 1951. I want to tell about it;

Ahmet Emin Yalman said that our article radiated poisons. This is so right. Our articles look like April rain which gives life to the world. If tis rain fall down to the mouth of psoriasis, it is pearl. If it falls down to the mouth of snake, it is poisons. Thus, it was poison for Ahmet Emin Yalman. After that, Ahmet Emin Yalman had always protected that he lost one time in his life in journalism and that it was against to religious person.

Most people say that you get a smart enemy instead of fool friends. When Ahmet Emin Yalman had coincided people who wanted to be Muslim or learn information about Islamism, he said that they should go to just Hz. Muhammed Şemseddin Yeşil. 49 Christians became Muslim through him.

One of them is like that; a Turkish young man who had studied in Germany had married a Christian German young woman. The Muslim young had hoped that his wife became Muslim. They went to many people to tell Islamism he, but she never became convinced. Finally, somebody advised Hz. Muhammed Şemseddin Yeşil. The woman said ‘ sir, I had have Christ’ speech in my hearth, so how can I abandon it?’ and she cried. Hz.Muhammed Şemseddin Yeşil said ‘Islam is knew you. You had not to abandon it. After you become Muslim, you will know better that of now. Unless you like all prophets and accept, you can’t become Muslim. ’ . After that, he told about many beauties of Islam. Finally, woman became Muslim.

The other event in his life, after he had finished his speech in mosque which is in Boğaziçi, a priest asked him ‘I requested a few minutes to speak with you’. Next, priest told that he knew Arabic perfectly, he analyzed Quran, he met many fame preceptors, but he couldn’t draw a reply for his question about Quran. He said that he thought Hz.Muhammed Şemseddin Yeşil could answer his question while the priest listened to him. After he said that priest could ask, the priest said that God said ‘Don’t give the relic to another one of the people who is master.’ in a verse of the Quran. The prophet of Islam said that if the relic is given to another one of people, who is master, wait for doomsday.  In the other verse of Quran, it is said ‘God offered the relic to all creatures, they avoided undertaking its responsibility because they thought that they couldn’t respect perfectly. Human undertook it because human is cruel and ignorant. ’. Priest asked ‘God, although it is God, why it gave to cruel and ignorant human? ’ .

Now, we will transfer Hz.Muhammed Şemseddin Yeşil’s answer for this question; ‘ This cruelty is not opposite of justice. This is a praised cruelty. Ignorant is a accepted ignorant, too. It is not opposite of science. The human became the enemy that of the human soul, and ignorant for something else from God and rights. Thus, he earned the right to undertake the relic. Therefore, the hearth which is mental carry relic. This Hearth is where God’s place is. However, people, who have got this heart, are blessed.

After that, the priest asked that has he got any children. He said that he had not still married. Then, the priest said ‘no, I didn’t want to mean it. Holy people’s, such as you, children is not from meat and blood. Have you got any article? ’ Thus, the priest caused to write his own articles.

After he passed away from this world, he gave up Mrs. Fikret who is his wife and Hz. Hüseyin Ezan, who is his son. Hz. Hüsayin Ezan has four cihdren who are Hz. Muhammed Şemseddin Yeşil, Hz. Ali Akdes , Hz. Ahmet Seccad and Hz. Fatıma Nur Hadra.

Hanedan-ı Ehl-i Beyt-i Mustafa’yı sevmeyen

Esfel-i süfliyyete nadan gelir nadan gider.

We wish that God don’t abandon us from God’s Prophet and son of Prophet.



1995-January/ İstanbul